Uni in Britain

Date: 8/2/2017

By teerific

Had a dream it was my first day of classes at uni, except I was going to a Brit one. I was still taking my exact classes. I got there, got my map out, and psychology was a blur. From there, I was heading to women's choir. It was in the arts building, which I had no idea where it was. I asked a random guy, he told to head over to the "arts desk", so I did. The girl told me to walk forward then turn right and use the door/elevator. I opened the door, confused, and came out into a very high set of bleachers with the door to the stairs chained and locked. The people on the field were playing cricket and other Brit stuff idk. I left again and tried the elevator. I couldn't operate it unless a sports ball was with me in the elevator, so I got a huge one that didn't fit, then dropped it and picked up a smaller one. I stepped one toe into the elevator, and I could tell it was going to break down. The floor of it broke, and it fell all the way down the open shaft. It felt like it was supposed to happen but I avoided it. Then a group of other students came and they were all youtubers (none ive seen before, but nevertheless) this whole uni was full of youtubers. Then I woke up