The creature

Date: 7/27/2017

By SeekTheTruth

I had a dream of this creature in the wall of a mountain,  this wall looked to be rugged concrete and there was like riven where cars would drive below, and another mountain on the other side of the riven, there was this bridge thing going across that me and some friends climbed. When we climbed it the first time, nothing much happened, I can't remember who I was with though and I'm pretty sure we had to go through a cave on the other mountain without a creature to get to the top of the bridge. Some of us sat on the side of the bridge where the creature was. The second them I went on the bridge, I was with this girl I know and someone driving a car, as we got on the bridge and settled down this guy drove his car off the edge to prove some sort of point and he landed safely but nearly hit someone on the highway. The third time I went on it was a bit strange, it began with me working for this rich man and he allot of women who he had control over and they were always looking to impress him, me, him and 3 other of his women went to the bridge for some reason and I told him about this creature, he was curious about it so I showed him the creature (to reveal the creature there was something liken to a leaver on the other side you pull and the concrete just revealed what was there) as I was revealing to the man I work for I saw something I wasn't expecting, I saw atleast 30 dead bodies inside, these bodies looked like a concrete colour as if they were concrete. I remember the creature being in a dark place in the corner of the cave in them concrete walls. Me, him and the 3 women then made it down, but we made it down the side of the mountain instead and as we got down one of the 3 women did something wrong and he got mad and was searching for a punishment, so I suggested to let the creature take care of her. He then told the women who did something bad to stand next to the cave and he got one of the other women to climb back up and pull the leaver and I could hear the women who was about to die screaming and telling her to stop and 'help me' instead of killing her. As she got up, I had to look away so I looked away and as the death happened I watched the man's eyes and they watered up, his facial expression made me feel how horrifying the death was. We then walked back but he was very nervous as we were walking to his company and I let him know that I was bit worried and I asked for him to take me home and he agreed, we got to his building and he met up with someone and spoke to him for a while and he was still in the shock. We were walking to the parking lot and we had multiple cars to choose from, I didn't mind much so we got in this small car, I then asked what happened and how did she die. He was saying that the creature feels where the heart is and pokes it through and I think somehow kept her alive then killed her. As he was saying this is had a vision of what happened and I saw her on the ground, then the leaver was opened and then I only saw the tentacles of this creature come out and grab the women, the tentacles felt her body then suddenly poked right through where her heart would be and held it out. This was the end of my vision and the end of my dream.