Date: 3/15/2017

By Adriana

trigger warning: Rape and torture I was about to go inside my home, where I would be alone for a few hours, when a man attacked me and forced me inside. Then I was laying on the kitchen floor. Several people (7-8) were sitting around me. They did several things to me including hit me, put paint like things on me, and play a 'game' called "hot knife" where they lit the opposite side of a blade on fire and pressed it to my lips. I was unable to blow it out. When they left I was terrified. My family came home but I didn't know what to do. Despite the torture, there wasn't much evidence that I had been attacked. What if no one believed me? I told my mom, and she believed me, but for some reason there wasn't much she could do. We decided not to tell my dad because he would kill someone and go to prison. I lived in constant fear. I knew this man's name was Chase. In my dream I had a flash back to where I first met him. Originally he was mysterious and alluring, but when I saw the games he liked to play I ran. One day I was alone again. I was fearful, but I had locked the doors. I stepped into my bathroom to take a shower. The lights were dim and flickering, but I was tired and in need of a relaxing shower. I heard his voice then. He said something along the lines of "It's dangerous to shower while you're so tired. It helps me greatly, though" The lights fully turned on and I screamed. above the shower head, hanging in the air with string, was a small figurine of a man holding a gun pointing straight at me. I jumped out of the shower and saw the window cracked. I hurriedly tried to lock it. Then I woke up.