A Wild Day in Church

Date: 4/6/2017

By gabriel4031

Im in the parking lot to a church. I come across a couple. The man hits on me, and I'm shocked. His girlfriend is right there! I pretend not to notice that he hit on me, and head into church. It's not New Providence. This church has stadium seating. I nearly fall trying to get into a seat half way up. It scares me. I'm crammed into a seat near several obese people. The woman who is sitting next to me is so large that she takes up the majority of my seat as well as all of her seat. I stay, because church is important. After church, we discover a black panther is loose in the church. Bit finds me, and loves me. It wants to play, but it plays rough. I worry that it will eat me, or at least bite my hand. It doesn't. next thing, Luna moths, five or so of them, fly into my face and crawl all over it. I dislike it very much.