Rollercoaster 🎢, a man who think he's an omelette and a group of drunken monkeys 🐒

Date: 7/6/2017

By awalker406

I was watching this show in a renaissance theatre. The show was about this guy who wanted to change the world but everyone thought he was mad. He made this grand speech about why people shouldn't laugh at other people's great ideas. Then straight after his speech, he crack half a dozen eggs on his head and started to roll around on stage and shouted " look at me! I'm a omelette!". Next scene: Me and Amanda were at a fair ground, walking around and choosing which ride to go on. "Can't go on the tea cup ride, makes me sick"Amanda said. "I can't go on the bumper cars because if I get hit too hard, I might poo myself" I said. We eventually found a ride we agreed to go on. It was the biggest roller coaster, I've ever seen. It went all the way into the clouds. We both got on the ride, feeling completely nervous, gripping the front handle bars so tight, but excited at the same time. The ride was fast and exciting, up and down, going around tight corners at great speed, while we're screaming are heads off. Then it was going up this massive slope, slowly. The anticipation was killing me. "Don't be scared, Tony" Amanda said to me. I let go of the handle bar and grab Amanda's hand, whilst taking a big breath before we go down. We put our hands in the air and scream, as the cart tips forward, pointing down this sharpe slope before falling. Down the slope we went and back up in the air, so fast, we're catapulted from our car and into the sky, piercing thru the clouds to reveal the beautiful sun. "We're flying!" I said with excitement. We laughed with joy. Then I stumbled and my hand slip away from her, and I started to fall. I woke up in a brief moment of panicked until I realised she was right next to me along, in the same hammock as me. She was in a deep sleep. I closed my eyes peacefully. (I didn't actually wake up in RL. I was still in a dream) Next scene: I was doing some food shopping when people started to whisper to each other, pretty loudly "He's a spy!". I was so confused on what hell they were talking about, I simple went on my way And continue my business. I walked past the alcohol section and saw a group of monkeys getting drunk on Prosecco. "Bloody kids!" I thought to myself.