Metal bench and witch dream

Date: 5/14/2019

By Pigeon101

I was in this room, where one half was this old witchy looking room and the other was a room with tile floor, two metal benches and a tv in the middle. There was me, a few other people, and this lady who owned the room. Me and the other people were staying the night and everyone was sleeping in the bedroom and I volunteered to sleep on the bench. Everyone went into another room, that was supposedly the bedroom, other then me and my best friend. We started looking through the ladies stuff and found a door in the wall. We opened it but were unable to see inside because she suddenly came into the room. We closed the door quickly and went to look at the tv. She started re-organizing her whole witchy side of the room, deliberately covering the door. Everyone cane back into the room and started getting glasses for water. I took a glass that was round at the bottom and had a long, test-tube-like shape at the top. It was this green-ish-blue stone. I filled it with water and it turned into whip cream with a very odd consistency. I poured it out and refilled it. It was still whip cream but the consistency was normal. I drank it and then everyone headed to bed. I payed on the metal bench which was very uncomfortable. Then my dream ended.