Floating City

Date: 2/25/2017

By Shanir

Dream starts with me on this balcony it's all wooden seems a bit shabby I can look out to the horizon this area is huge! I can see Laura she is struggling to get to me, but my griffin is trying to help her I keep shouting it's now "bugbeak over there" but it doesn't really help! Somehow she manages to get over to me we are siting in this room and then open up the balcony we start walking and end up in a car park there is a cat here it's small and ginger it's nervous about coming to me but does it's cute and affectionate. We are walking and walking almost in a forest, Laura mentions a big bath in that big house I can see through the trees is big almost like a mansion we head over to it, this big bath is just a bit water fountain but with lots of people in it! The water is shooting out all these people have rocking bodies! I lay on the water jets! I mention it's raining but Laura says "we are floating in the ocean of course it's gonna rain" Dream signs Content - on a floating city Form - mythical creature