Dark and sweet

Date: 7/1/2017

By sleepdebtfairy

There was this small wooden circle container that had a small mason jar inside. I was with some people and we all had to put some kind of tea or coffee that represented us in our jar and put it in the circle thing for everyone to see. Everyone was mostly putting in some kind of drink that represented their skin color. I had some kind of chai latte, my favorite drink, but realized I needed to add a lot more milk to make it match my skin. I was delaying putting my drink in because I was unsure. I was the last person to figure it out. I left and walked around for a while. I kept adding things to the drink. A lot of sugar, and dark berries like blackberries. The drink eventually because really dark, almost black, and it was thick and sugary. I realized I had to use this drink even though it seemed a lot different than the others. I went back and put my jar in the circle thing.