First recorded dream: The trip

Date: 5/29/2017

By Chriz91

I rode on an airplane with a crazy pilot, Beto was with me, I believe. We were going to some kind of island that is big on tourists. The plane kept swinging up and down and trying to spin, I was a little afraid because I have never been on a plane before. I remember passing the Statue of Liberty and saying "New York! I've never been here before!" As we landed, the pilot told us we needed to get out, but we landed on water. I was so excited. As I jumped out of the plane, I landed in the water, but strangely, I could kinda walk on it for most of the way, even though the water was deep. I raced the rest of the passengers to shore but some beat me, they were fast water-runners I guess. When we arrived to shore, we were greeted by a woman that showed us into her home. We went in through the living room, on the left was a bedroom. The first strange thing that happened was we had to go through a door, but next to the door was a sort of porch, indoors. It was a few steps down and there was a canopy-like thing on the right of it and steps going down to it on the left from the room we were supposed to go through. I remember this little porch from a previous dream, I even told the woman that as she urged me to keep moving. "I know this place... I've been here before in my dream" She asked what happened in my dream when I saw this. "Something not very good..." I said She told me she would give me a minute to think, they were gonna move on, but I should hurry and catch up with them. As I stood there in awe with the fine detail of the supposed dream I had had of that porch, a voice called me into the bedroom right behind me. I looked and the door was open, I walked inside. I saw a bunch of plastic and porcelain dolls on the powder pink walls and drawers. This was definitely a girl's room. I saw a lab coat on the ground, it kind of freaked me out for some reason, so I decided to rejoin the group. I took one last look at the porch and went into the room. It was a hallway, it wasn't as pretty as the entrance, it looked like the hallway in a factory, the cement walls were painted white with pipes sticking out of everywhere, and there was a low but audible humming in the background, like if a machine was going. There were doors all along the wall, large metal doors. As the hallway turned to the right, I decided to look in one door, it was a sort of doctor's office, but there was blood everywhere. I moved on. As I caught up with the group, they were taking X-ray pictures in groups. The nurses yelled at me "you better hide from the radiation!" So I quickly ran and dove behind a metal railing. Beto was amongst the group. The lady who showed us the house was the one taking the pictures. She asked me to sit with them, so I sat all the way to the right side. Something was off about her... She started counting back from three to take another X-ray photo, but this time when she got to "two" a shot was heard. It went right over her head. So she started over. "Three, two, o..." another shot was taken and it hit her in the head. Beto had killed her. Everyone cheered. He told me she was a serial killer and was gonna kill us all after the picture. He was actually here undercover the whole time... At the very end I remember someone giving me a mask made of cardboard, it looked funny so I wore it and laughed. I grabbed someone's fidget spinner and noticed it was the same size as the eye holes in my mask, so I put it in the left eye hole and leave it to spin, however, it kept hitting my eye really hard. Strangely, I woke up to a headache behind my left eye...