Six Powers, Six Chosen Heroes

Date: 8/28/2019

By ItsABlackCat

I had a dream that was very action-movie like. In the dream, me and my family were in this ancient building located right by the gym in a school. It was there as ‘historical reference’ but me and my family were there for more. There was a story which went something like: once upon a time, there were six legendary heroes. Each possessed a unique power. Together, they worked to create a better world. There was the Ice Queen, who had the ability to create, control, and manipulate ice; the Water Princess, who had the ability to control, manipulate, and create water; the Electress, who was super-intelligent and could control metal and electricity; the Nature Queen, who could control and create plants; the Speedster, who had the power of superspeed; and the most powerful of all, and their leader, the Fire Queen. The Fire Queen has the ability to control, create and manipulate fire and heat, as well as basic control over electricity. In addition, the Fire Queen controlled anything hot, including boiling water/liquids, hot metals, and even people to an extent. The Fire Queen was the most powerful because she could create and control the most energy at once, and also she possessed the ability to fly jet pack-style with her fire. She also could, at the peak of her power, create massive earthquakes and even control the earth through this ability, since she could control the Earth’s core (to an extent) and thus create total destruction. She could also (in this story) create mini suns / stars using her fire ability, and destroy them causing mass destruction all around. Not to mention the Fire Queen has super strength. Because of her power she was the leader. Anyways, at first in the dream me and my family are going through the temple. We are looking for the new Queens/Princesses. We bring a couple of people we think may be the ‘heir’ to the powers: people who exhibit traits that may mean they have powers. We brought along my little cousin who just had this way with plants and sure enough, she approaches the section of the right wall where a mural of the Nature Queen is located along with ancient text about her, and this green gemstone in the wall glows as she touches it. Me and my family start yelling “get out!” because when a Queen discovers her ability, in that room, all of her powers are released, like some sort of ability-bomb. When we exit the room and lock the metal doors we are in a school gym and there’s kids looking at us funny. Then all of a sudden the doors burst open and giant vines and tree roots force their way out. Me and my fam dodge them and a couple of kids get engulfed. Then, for the next like five minutes, the gym is like a weird videogame parkour level. There’s ‘traps’ everywhere in the shape of plants. Vines lash out and you must dodge them or get pulled into the room where who-knows-what happens. There’s strange plants hanging from the ceiling that grab you and pull you up if you get too close. And then there’s the thorns, shooting from bushes in the room. I go around somehow expertly dodging and parkouring my way to the room. I yell “Lilly! Are you okay?” over and over. Finally the plants go down and everyone in the school is kind of sitting around like ‘wtf’ and we rush in to the room and check my cousin. She just rubs her eyes tiredly and says ‘I’m okay.’ Then, the next few days, we find the Ice Queen (who freezes the ground of the school and the doors, shoots icicles at us, drops giant icicles from the ceiling, and shoots ‘freeze bombs’ at us in an attempt to freeze us solid) and we find the Water Princess (who basically floods the entire school and shoots jets of steaming hot water at speeds that could cut you open) and we even find the Speedster (who just runs around so fast a small tornado is created, but the ice and water Queen/Princess create a water/ice barrier that mostly protects the school). Then, one day when I’m in the room, the red gem on the wall next to Fire Queen starts glowing. The group is like “you’re the Fire Queen! You’re our leader!” but I’m like “we have to find the Electress before I ‘find’ my power, otherwise I’ll cause total destruction.” So we agree I won’t touch the gem until we find the Electress. Anyways one day, I’m approached by this girl with a pretty face and long black hair. She says, “tell me what’s going on in there,” and I say “what do you mean?” and she responds with “listen, I know there’s something weird and I know you know what it is. When those weirdass vines came out you knew exactly what was happening, I saw you dodging the vines and calling that girl’s name.” I panic and say “I don’t know what you’re talking about” and walk out of the room, trying to get away from her, but she follows me and pulls out some video footage from the school security cameras and says “then what’s this?” I gape as I watch ten-year-old me running from a bully. I’m on the outside of the school, he’s almost caught up to me, and then I turn and kick him and he flies back like fifty feet at least. Then young-me runs and (using super strength id assume) leaps onto the roof of the school. The bully follows by climbing. I run and parkour, and when he’s almost up to me again I shoot what looks to be a small flame from my hand, not even looking behind me, I just turn my hand backwards and it happens. Then I leap through a window and see a teacher come and she says hi. I bite my lip and say, “Teacher, what should I do if someone is trying to bully me / beat me up?” The teacher smiles and responds with “well, you’d want to run and get help, and of course defend yourself. But do not let yourself get angry with them. Defense is needed: revenge is not. If you are given the chance, prove yourself to be better than them by letting them be.” I smile and nod in the video. When the video footage ends I stare at the girl, silent. Then she says “fine, we’re doing this the hard way” and she pulls on a mechanical glove. Then she picks me up with the glove and hovers me above her head. I can barely move, it’s like she’s got me frozen. I consider trying to use my powers but since I haven’t ‘found’ them yet in the gem-history-room, they’re weak and I have to focus all my energy just to make my hand light up in flame. So I just sigh and let her carry me through the school, and to her car, which is fancy and black. She puts me in and then turns and looks at this hot dude who is staring at her and says “listen my AI will drive you, I promised Jack I’d let him drive me home” so then I’m driven home by a robot. She arrives at her house after I do. Then she says “come here” and I’m like “wait, just go to your room and open your window” and she looks at me weird but does it. I gather my super strength (which is easier to use than the fire powers) and jump all the way to her window, landing neatly inside. She’s like “okay explain” and I tell her the story from the beginning, along with explaining what happens when someone finds their powers. Then she’s like “if you’re their leader and the Fire Queen why haven’t you just gone and gotten your powers yet?” I say, “the Fire Queen is so powerful that when she ‘finds’ her powers, she will probably destroy everything around her. Not just your school but like, everything in a 500-mile radius. The equivalent of a nuclear bomb. And that’s IF I try and control it. The only thing that would be able to stop that is if all of the other Queens/Princesses are able to form together. When they put their powers together they can form an almost impenetrable barrier known as the Five, which should be able to prevent destruction. That’s what’s worked in the past anyways. But we need all five of the others to do so.” She nods and says “you need to find Electress first basically.” I nod and say “it’s harder to find her, though, because the others show signs of their powers. Fire Queen shows superstrength in her childhood, Nature Queen shows an affinity to plants and a green thumb, Water Princess loves swimming and is an amazing swimmer/surfer, Ice Queen loves the cold and is amazing at Ice Skating, Speedster is obviously just super fast; you know, obvious stuff. But the only sign the Electress shows is her intelligence. There’s a lot of smart people out there. In fact, who knows, maybe you’re Electress.” She nods and then the next day I take her to the history gem place and it turns out, yep, she is Electress. When she ‘finds’ her power I tell everyone ‘get out and close the doors, since I’m the Fire Queen I can probably absorb her electricity without getting hurt!’ Everyone listens since I’m the leader, my cousin (the Nature Queen) says “if you die I called it” and leaves laughing. Soon electricity and metal starts flying around the room, I try to absorb every shock, it hits me and sends me flying but surprisingly I’m not fried. The electricity is blue and looks like lightning. I focus my ‘powers’ and try to control the lightning but since i haven’t ‘found’ my power yet I’m too weak to take total control, so I just keep taking the impact of the strikes myself. The metal I catch with my super strength. After like five minutes it’s over and I’m left ragged. The Five are together in the room when the red gem glows stronger than ever and I lose control as I walk over to touch it. Water Princess says “she must’ve been denying its call for too long, now she can’t control it!” Then I touch the crystal and it’s like I’m seeing what’s happening but I’m disconnected. I see myself, laying on the ground glowing red like the gem. I see the Five form around me and form a clear, purple-lined barrier. I hear Electress say “this should be enough, I mean her full power versus everyone else’s full power, it’s a no brainer right?” The Ice Queen responds with “it should be, but the Fire Queen is powerful. That is why she is our leader. The Fire Gem chooses somebody worthy of its power, somebody with a true soul, just like every other gem, but I know her, and the current Fire Queen’s soul is very true, which means she will be very powerful.” Then I start trying to control myself but I can’t. The earth starts shaking and a violent earthquake happens. I worry about killing people but can’t stop it as energy flows from my body in waves of heat. My mouth opens and blue fire erupts, filling the small bubble that the Five have formed around me, obscuring my body. The Five tense as the earthquake gets so strong it rips cracks in the earth. The Nature Queen grows vines across the cracks to try and help but the vines are ripped apart. Then fire erupts from me again, purplish blue and hot, and I can see the barrier wavering. Finally the fire dies down and then a giant dragon made of fire comes slowly from my body, uncurling and stretching the barrier. The Ice Queen says “this barrier may not hold! Out of all of the Fire Queens, only the first was able to create the legendary Fire Dragon!” Electress screams “what does that mean?” And the Ice Queen replies, “The amount of precision and power needed to control the fire and make the Fire Dragon is almost unmatched! If our current Fire Queen has the power of the first to create the Dragon then I fear our defenses may not be a match for her power!” I remember watching, as if from afar, like “no! I don’t want to hurt anybody!” Then I focus on trying to control myself. Suddenly I go back to first-person, in my own body, and the Five gasp as everything stops. I feel the energy inside of me like a bomb, building, trying to break free. “She’s trying to control it!” Speedster says. I try to release the energy slowly but it comes out as a burst of flame from my fingertips, filling the room. Then the dream ends.