I got caught

Date: 8/30/2019

By Channy03

It was my two best friends birthday, at the same time (mind you, we all had a big fight, so none of us are friends anymore). And we were on like a cruise ship. And we went out to do something first (I can’t remember). And we were all being nice too each other, but you can tell there was still tension among us. We went to the dinner and I made sure to get them each a cake so the people sang Happy Birthday… and they were smiling at me and grateful and stuff, but you can tell it was fake smiles. Then it flashed to my house, and my guy friend was there (mind you, I have a bf irl), but I invited him over. I told him yeah he could spend the night, but then realized my parents were coming back the next day, so this was a dumb idea. But he didn’t care, and wouldn’t leave. So he was downstairs, and I was watching television in the living room on the main floor. But then I went back down, and I started trying to have sex with him, but it was horrible. His dick looked extremely weird, like, really really weird... I tried to suck it, and he even got hard a little, but it wasn’t very good. Then I teased him by almost slipping the d in, but it felt weird so I gave up and randomly changed the topic. Then I started trying to make him help me think of a cover story in case my parents came downstairs and saw him here, but as soon as we got an idea of what to say, my mother pops in. Apparently she’d been listening the whole time. And I was scared for my life, but thank the Lord it was just a dream!! I woke up so quick and actually sighed in relief!!