Three big Armenians 30.6.17

Date: 7/17/2017

By MeddlingGoat

I was with a group of people inside a what seemed like a mixture of a church and a green house. The building was huge with giant columns. We were in a gun fight with some mob. Guns and grenades going off everywhere. Next thing, three huge, mean looking, bold Armenian guys walk in. I started fighting two of them at the same time. Jumped on the back of one and started elbowing him on the head repeatedly, he tried to get me off but couldn't. I got him on the ground. Then I turned around and punch the second one. He fell backwards into an armchair, he put his hands up and said "OK, ok I give up!". I grabbed him by his shirt, pulled him to the ground and said "This is my chair, this is where I sit !!". Then I grabbed him by the neck and asked what this is all about. He explained to me that someone stole a million dollars from him and I was to blame. "Do you think I'd do this?" I asked, " I don't need money, I have plenty of my own. And I've got a lot of kids in my group they wouldn't do it either!"(not sure what that's about). "It must be some one else!" he exclaimed. "Must be, and I'll help you find him" I said. He was really happy about that.