Scary stalker

Date: 6/15/2019

By alejandrariv3ra

I am walking home from somewhere like possibly from around the pool. Don’t think I was in the pool because the weather is so gloomy. I think I’m alone but not too sure because I did say something out loud. As I’ve just turned onto my neighborhood, I notice a man, very skinny and pale walking on the other side of the road. I say it out loud (that he’s there) so I don’t know if that was to myself or someone else. I was home and he’s following me but like obviously because smiling at me. Then I turn into my road and he comes up to me and I’m walking him like a dog and he’s making conversation. I don’t want to turn into my house because he’ll know where I live but I need to get away so as we are passing my house I turn in very quickly. I get in super fast and motion to mum that someone is gonna come up to the door because I know he’s going to follow me. I stand to the right of my door so I can see the glass but I can’t be seen and sure enough he comes up and puts his face up to the glass to see in. I go to the kitchen and explain to mum then close all my curtains at the back. It’s night time when I do this but the back door has no curtain and is therefore exposed. I go to mums room where it’s day time and all the blinds are shut except the one right next to dads side of the bed and I see the guy walking by there. I got so scared at this point that I made myself wake up because there was such a creepy look about this guy.