Rat theft is Asia

Date: 7/12/2017

By LooseBiden

Sabina and I were traveling through a city on a light rail system. Time is kind of a mess, but we eventually end up in a large bus. The bus isn't moving and is arranged like a waiting room. There are lots of people and Sabinas Critter Nation rat cage is there along with all of her rats. Sabina got into a fight or something as she was gone for the rest of that portion of the dream. Some time passes and I recall seeing Colleen on the phone while also arguing with what seems to be the receptionist on the bus. Apparently one of Sabina' s rats had been taken as well as her cat Annabelle. This is where I found out this portion of the dream took someplace in Asia. This was terrifying for me considering that from my perspective people could travel very fast between countries in Asia. This is where I think I briefly woke up as the dream makes a jump cut to a completely different setting. Sabina and I are together again and we are walking through a small amusement park together. It's very crowded and busy. We cross through what seems to be a small kids rollercoaster with carousel animals instead of cars. Everything is in shallow water so I am carrying Sabina on my shoulders. It is late in the day and the sun is glistening on the water and giving a hazy effect on everything. By the time we make it through the park it's night time and snowing. We arrive at what seems to be a movie theater box office. Connor is standing behind the glass asking if we want tickets. All three of us instead have a completely unrelated conversation about Ian and how he used to work at Target. Sabina and I eventually leave the box office area to what appears to be an private elementary school exterior with a small chapel. We walk passed the chapel to an art installation surrounded by a "U" shaped brick apartment complex. The art installation is of a colorful brick house with characters standing around it. They all look like Minecraft characters. I make a comment about how the bricks look more like legos and don't look like the belong with the Minecraft characters. A black man appears from a window behind us. "What are saying about blacks?", he says in a offended tone. I reassure him I was talking about the bricks in the art installation. Unsatisfied with my explanation he mutters something under his breath and slams the window shut. Sabina and I laugh it off and continue through the school. We wander for a while until she gets a call from Colleen asking why we are out so late. It is 3am in the dream. I too receive a call from my mother asking of my whereabouts. We both decide to head back when I realise I have misplaced my shoes and keys. I back track until I end up at a fountain. It is suddenly crowded and there appears to be a service inside the small chapel. Everyone has been taking off their shoes near the fountain before entering the chapel. In the center of the shoes are my keys slowly sinking into the fresh snow. I grab my keys. This is where the dream ends and I wake up.