Part 2: Coming back. Nice shower.

Date: 6/5/2017

By dixsilence

After the tiger intrusion I tried to go to the upper parts of the pond/wetland/mini lake so I went back. I stopped on an ancient city to buy something to eat, it was basically castle like constructions. I entered the shop and tried to buy bread. I went full retarded and ended with my pockets full of sticky gum and the recipe ruined with chocolate. Paid anyways and left. On the way back I tried to sneak in so e old people's house because they where next to a river and their backyard was full of different types of ducks and waterbirds. So I went back home and my family from Italy was here, I didn't pay much attention to them. At night I went to the kitchen a found a girl I knew, she asked if she could use the shower so I said yes. I was looking for something and after a while she came out barely clothes and with a Venus type of body. I got so aroused I barely could stop watching her. She noticed and tried to hide but she needed some things g.and came to me for help. While we were talking there was so much sexual tension, we were closer and closer and bumped on each other's bodies. Finally I grabbed her for a sec, she moaned and I said "we shouldn't do this", she agreed and I asked if she would like to have more clothes so I gave her a coat.