Shape Shifter Boy.

Date: 6/29/2017

By Horsedragon1

There was a boy who started out as a cripple. He had a disorder where he was limp and couldn't walk or talk properly. His parents were embarrassed of him. One day, he left his house and started trying really hard to talk. I don't remember alot of the in-between stuff, but he learns how to walk and talk from someone important. I think it was Nick Fury from Marvel. He learns he has incredible powers and he is actually a shape shifter. He is in the shower one day and opens a portal to another world. He explores it. The next day a woman comes through the shower wall from the portal and she starts to try to kill the boy for entering her realm. She wants his shapeshifting abilities. There is an epic battle. Many people try to help fight this enchantress. I dont even remember if she gets killed. I just know that the boy shape shifts into an airplane, gets all of the people that are in danger and flies them away to some massive corn feild. Everyone is safe and happy starting a new life here. The boy finds his parents and they are happy that he is normal. (The dad is carrying "Flowers for Algernon" ) Then they show "____ years later" and the boy is racing horses (black horse ,not fast) on a track they made in the corn feild. He is losing so he makes a noise with his mouth like a whistle to catch the sttention of the horses on the track. One looks at him. A white skinny stallion. It makes eye contact with the boy, whinnies and bucks his rider from the seat. Then the horse pulls closer to the boy who jumps on and they RACE off into the crowd. He is in the lead, laughing and happy. I wake up.