my dad tries to kill me, but i escape to watch the secret life of pets 2 instead

Date: 4/15/2019

By squidward

i was at home and i realized that my dad was still alive and he was trying to kill me. i knew that he didn’t know what i looked like, but he gave me the shoes i was wearing (which were hella bright and lit up lmao) so i took them off so he wouldn’t recognize me by my clothing my dream changed randomly and then all of a sudden, my dad and i did know each other, but i knew he was still secretly plotting to kill me. we were in the car together. he was in the front and i was in the back. i knew he would turn around at any second and try to shoot me, so i slowly opened the car door and then i ran. i heard him yelling behind me. i got all the way to connecticut and saw my family who i haven’t seen in 7ish years. they didn’t know i existed. they could see me, but never acknowledged me and it was very weird. they knew who i was, but they just didn’t want to say anything to me (no, theres no beef irl between us. i just have bad memories with them and refuse to ever see them again ha i’m cool) my aunt randomly said “everyone get in the car, we’re going to see the secret life of pets 2!!” and everyone looked around like “there’s not a single child here” but she made us get in the car anyway