Dessert Appetizers and Alexa Ignoring our Commands

Date: 3/11/2019

By pinkstar16121

I remember I had heard about this guy protecting his girlfriend from this storm during the night. I had heard lightning. Later the next morning I found out the boyfriend was my brother's friend and I thought it was so sweet. My brother wanted to know why I was acting so weird and so I told him. Later I was with my aunt and uncle and we were eating a lot of food. First we had these desserts that were supposed to just be samples. They were a banana cake, which was so moist and delicious and a double chocolate cake, which was also just as good if not better. We had the whole cakes on the table and we were supposed to just take little samples and my aunt and uncle did but they cut me normal sized pieces. I can't remember what else we ate but I remember being already kinda full from the cake but the next thing was real food. The next thing I remember was I was out in our rarely used room for holidays in our house and we had our Alexa Echo Dot out there. I was with my mom and sister and we were talking about Ariana Grande's dogs and I said she had like four or five dogs and I was trying to name them all but I couldn't think of all their names. So I asked Alexa first "how many cats does Ariana Grande have?" But then I corrected myself. There was no answer from her. I then tried again a couple times and she did say something but it sounded muffled and it sounded like she was saying Ariana weird. Then the second time I realized she was speaking in Spanish and all I understood was "Ariana Grande" but it sounded broken up and robotic and it was weird. I then just asked her "Alexa, are you there?" No answer. We decided she needed a reboot and I then just left the room for some reason and I guess they did the reboot while I was gone and I just remember feeling anxiety as I came back in and I felt like I was in a horror movie suddenly. I heard suspense horror music even. I knew something was wrong and Alexa had not been fixed but possibly made worse. I woke up though before I could find out.