Tribal life

Date: 7/6/2017

By wanda1316

I was with a group of my people and we found a (African?) tribe in the wilderness. I observed them as they danced and performed rituals, etc. the clothing was beautiful. I wanted to join this tribe and ditch my modern life of television, technology, college, superficiality, etc. but I was nervous that they would not accept me. The tribe went deep into the forest to hunt a lion. I had to make a decision quick on whether or not I would follow them. I hesitated too late, and by the time I decided to follow them I was left behind. It was dark and I knew something bad was about to happen. A shadow darted by me. I knew this must be the lion. I panicked. I had to find my way alone out of the deep forest. I kept retreating, and every so often the shadow would dart past me again, this time closer then before. I screamed at my mom to find safety.