To Free the Enslaved Mind

Date: 3/5/2017

By Fitful

I was in a hospital rooming with a girl. I wasn't really sick, I was an undercover agent with an organization that liberated certain special people held captive. The girl in my room was a known psychic, known by us that is, and I was here to get her out. I assumed she didn't know she was being held against her will and just thought they were helping. It turned out to be much more complicated. I gave her gifts, a stuffed bunny to her young self which was also in the room, and a dangle earring to her which was unique. I created a ritual where I gave the same gifts at the same time everyday. She loved the earrings. She kept trying to poke holes in her body everywhere. Finally she settled with her ear, after tying the soft part of her beast, her chest, and her lip. Puss came out all these spots she tried like a spout. She gave me gifts in return. My cat pusheen which is actually on my bed in the waking world. Time was difficult to discern here. I kept thinking it was 8pm but the time kept moving back and I didn't know why. But the world still worked as it it was 8pm when it was 10pm. I did my best to work around it. I took a break from helping the mental to wander around the hospital. I noticed I was hungry. I went to the cafeteria and the food was expensive. I bought a chocolate chip muffin and something pickled. It came to a dollar o nine. I was reluctant to buy anything else. I went to sit and eat but they seated me on a bed, it was set up with these black beds instead of tables which looked like something a latex fetishist would wear only as the bed sheet. The host, in a tux, came up and offered me a bed for the night. I decline worried about money but he eagerly offered to arrange it for me anytime. I finally got somewhere with the girl. I took her home, or what passes for home the days. It's just a visit, hospital sanctioned, and the personality of the girl is skewed. It's not her real personality. My roommate or work partner, an old lady with a grey pepper bob who is trying to save this older man, is also there on a hospital sanctioned visit. Her guy has the mental stamp of being a young, robust 22, and interested in sex. She gives me along suffering look as if she is too old to be having sex. It's interesting the personalty they are stamped with isn't limited to how they act but how they look too. I saw both versions of the man, his true old Italian man self and the young tanned gold man. Back at the hospital I'm back with my girl and I manage to wake her up. I am interrogating her, however, because she won't leave. She us upset with me. She says she has to be here to keep her sisters safe. The hospital wakes her occasionally and uses her for her psychic abilities, she just has to read a paper. That way they don't go after her sisters and they are safe. She is mad at me for putting them in danger. The old lady who I work with is trying to rescue a little blonde boy now. She is sick in the hospital too, or pretending to be, and suddenly she and him disappear, and are found in another room not there's. The old lady suddenly gets really sick and they can't help her here at the hospital. They rush to get her on a helicopter out of the city to a better hospital, the little boy chases after her in his hospital gown. I am waiting in her original room with her family. I rush to find her. It is on the news she is sick because she is a celebrity, she helps people find themselves. I run out and follow them. I follow them to a clearing. It is nighttime and it's cold, winter and the clearing is covered in snow. The old woman and the helicopter driver and the little boy are on their knees in the snow. They are staring blankly. I start to walk toward them but I step in this sludge of snow and sharp crystals made of ice. This section of snow feels wrong. Like the it would dirty my soul to step in it. I pull back and decided to go around this section. I start walking toward them and the little boy gets up and runs to meet me. He is still in his hospital gown. I ask him why would he come if he was sick. He said he'd been here before, lost and blown apart inside his mind. He had seen the ME and what really exists below the mind. He said he had to help her. While he said this I got snippets of what he had seen. Wild dark wind racing beneath the mind construct in the middle of nothingness. It too felt wrong, a little off-ness which struck my chest queer. We find out with the boy's help the old woman was cursed by three sisters jealous of her success. The solution to removing the curse is something called "Doing the Bridget."