The bathroom

Date: 8/17/2017

By chloethompsonx

You= Lauren crofts I was in a bathroom with my mum and we were just walking about she needed to pee so She went and then I told her a guy is coming here so I can have sex with him but it was a boys and girls toilet so it was fine that he was in there but anyways when I came he said I got the condom and when he was getting it you said to me that he's really hot and I said I know but he's mine so back the fuck up and it had showers in these bathrooms so we went in the shower one and laid down but it was only a curtain holding the wall up between other people and on my right you were in the shower fully clothed just watching me and talking to me and to my left there was Daniel small and Daniel marshal and one other guy fully clothed just watching me and then once the hot guy put a condom on it was a blue one and it come with pieces you could stick on to it like a childs toy and then you stuck a thing to it and I smacked your hand away and while I was sticking stuff on him I was giving him a hand Job and then he fingered me and then entered it in and basically we were having sex for a couple seconds while you were watching before my alarm went off