"Press and Hold for 10 Seconds to Fire Gun" App & Thicc, Swimming Chickens

Date: 3/29/2017

By Corryn

I was in a cabin of sorts with a few other people. I think we were all there as we were booted off a ship during the night into the ice cold water. There was a lake outside the cabin, with a bridge. This dream followed the stories of a few people. The first I remember are three guys. At this time, there were also two massive chickens in the water just drifting. I remember being concerned for their safety. Nice. But anyway, the three guys were out on the bridge, but one was in the freezing cold water (it was winter). Idk how he was okay in there, but he was just waiting for the third guy to fall in as the second guy on the bridge tried to push him off. This was some sort of assassination plan within the group. The third guy was able to somehow kill the guy in the water, but he got pushed off by the guy on the bridge. As he swam to land, the second guy latched onto him, putting him into a chokehold to try to sink him. Amazingly, this guy was too strong and pumped with adrenaline to let that happen, and he hoisted himself up, then finished the other guy (maybe with a neck snap). Then it shifted to other things, but all I remember is me being the story focus this time. I was in a dining room with a girl my age and her dad (weird thing is I know them irl). The dad got up and left, and the girl was being very suspicious. I apparently knew what happened with the three guys outside, and I was trying to explain to everyone in another room. I noticed her raising her phone at me, so I quickly disarmed her and realized it was an actual gun app... it could actually shoot bullets. So now that I knew my "friend" was trying to kill me, I had to take her out. But I couldn't figure out how the app worked, until I realized I had to hold my finger on the screen for 10 seconds as I aimed before it could shoot. Now, it seemed time just rewound, because I saw the three guys outside struggling to fight each other. I knew the guy trying to get to shore was an alright guy, so I decided to shoot the other two with my odd sniper app. Then I pocketed the phone, deciding not to kill the girl who was just about to kill me. Great idea, because she went through an envelope full of papers, then whipped out a knife and lunged at me. I don't know what else happened, but that's when I woke up. I am so confused.