I was in a beautiful green valley protected on all sides by jagged mountains. I stood for a while looking at the mountains and the sea of grass surrounding me. I watched clouds dance across the sky. A fierce storm rose out of the west and I watched dark boiling, rolling clouds spill out onto the plain. I was afraid and ran as fast as I could back east searching for shelter. I soon reached the eastern wall of mountains and made my way into pass that went up like never ending stairs. The ground beneath my feet was soon covered in snow & everything I could see was plastered with white snow. The pass opened up and became a snow covered field on a mountain reaching above the clouds. Despite being knee deep in snow I was never cold. I decided to climb the mountain but as I climbed higher I was confronted by five large white bears. The bears surrounded me and I thought for a moment of trying to run back to the valley. I knew I couldn't outrun these bears, I could feel it in my bones. I decided I would die here but I would take at least one bear with me. I met the eyes of the largest bear and spoke my intentions aloud. When I spoke a man with long black hair walked up and stood next to the bear. He patted the bear on the head turned to me and said " It's ok now brother, follow me. We have been waiting for you." He started to walk away with the bear in tow & two more men and one woman came and spoke to the remaining bears which seemed to mind these strangers. Then I woke.

Date: 5/16/2017

By jukebox