Apparently a sweet dream?

Date: 5/14/2017

By littledana19

I started the dream in a house, apparently I was with some sort of teacher and three other students? It's was. Two guys and a girl. Idk what happened but we were sitting there and then the guys ran out laughing to go on a break. We kinda slowly followed and we reached where they were on a computer, which they shut down hella fast and we're laughing like hyenas. We asked what it was but they didn't answer. Then the time moves to a party. One of the guys is there and apparently flirting with me? Anyways he's cool so we're talking (idk what happened after that). Then I'm like kinda lucid and I'm idk where, the guy from the party is arguing with me and I run away(apparently we were dating but he told me something and I freaked the fuck out). He ran after me a bit before he stopped and I ran home into my room. I remember I was frantically looking for something when I got there and looked out the window to see a monkey plushie. One of those ones you get for kids with the long legs to wrap around them. It's hanging over the fence and idk why but seeing it made me just want to cry. So I was there trying to reach it and when I looked over he(the guy from before) was standing there. He had such a heart broken look in his eyes and he went over to the monkey to throw it over to me. After that there's another time skip and I'm sitting on my bed and I see him on the phone, he's outside between his house and the fence. He's raging at someone, apparently he's the bad boy type lmao and was doing something. He got so angry until they said something and he just snapped, he was yelling about what ever he was doing and me and his mother and ended up throwing his phone. So I ran out (apparently my window is suddenly glass doors) and stopped(again apparently now there's a break in the fence with a nice little sitting area and a pergola) and he walked over, looking hella confused, and I just kinda cupped his face and kissed him. THE END.