Eyes on the road.

Date: 7/30/2017

By pandaitis

Me and two other people a girl and boy have gone to a museum or a play or something and have just left the building. It is dark out and we are having a good time laughing and being dumb. I think we are dressed like punks. I have liberty spiked hair the girl has that hair cut where one half is long and the other half is a buzz cut. The other guy has a regular hair cut. Just a plain shorter style nothing fancy. We are messing around and we are making our way to our pickup truck at the very far end of the parking lot. The parking lot is small though only about 5 to 10 rows of cars. There is a tree next to our car and I see a branch that looks like those fancy masquerade masks or whatever they are called. I walk over to it and tell my friends to also because it's really cool. The girl does first. Then she walks over to the truck and the guy comes over. Then I notice that it's not branches at all it's an actual mast made out of ceramic that has been cut in half and a branch was stabbed through it to keep it on the tree. A take it off and it is crumbling so I just crumble it to pieces that I let fall on the ground. Then me and my friends (who I don't know in real life by the way.) get in the truck. Next, I am in the middle seat behind the passenger seat of my moms grand caravan (mini van) and my brother is in front of me in the passenger seat and mom is driving. We are going down the road in the country with only fields or trees at either side and my mom asks my brother to call someone. I think my sister-in-law. My brother does so using my phone. The phone has no connection and the call fails. My mom then takes the phone and tries to turn on music to listen to on the way home. She is looking completely down with both hands off the wheel and I yell "MOM" as in "mom eyes on the road." She looks up and seeing that there is no deer in the road or anything looks back down at the phone. Then we are coming up to a turn and this time I scream as hard as I can in a panicked tone "MOM!!! MOM!!!" Literally screeching the second word. This time she ignores me and I reach forward grab the steering wheel and jerk it to the left but it's too late. Our car drifts from turning to fast and we go off the road and off into a field. We then stop when the car hits a tractor sitting in the field.