The End

Date: 3/12/2017

By hazel_tree

We were all on a spaceship in the atmosphere. Well, not everyone. The earth was fixing to explode from something nuclear in its core. We didn't have as much people on our spaceship from the city we lived in because everyone stopped caring. They didn't mind dying with the earth. I was one of the higher ups in the mission and I was set on rescuing more people. Our new base was on some other planet that was somewhere close to ours. The people didn't like that very much. I convinced the other commanders to let me try again, to let me convince the people in our city to come with us. The governor did something to where it put the city in major poverty and people were living in slums and boxes. I guess they thought life couldn't get any better so it was better to die with their home planet. I went off on another smaller ship enough to get around 300 people or more. I visited everywhere and convinced tons of people. It seems I was one of the only ones they trusted in the city. But, one of the snooty commanders didn't see the point in my mission. He almost convinced the bigger ship to leave. However, I had friends on there that quickly turned his idea around and let me continue my mission. I had one more day and thousands of miles to cover. War fare made the cities of earth into more like giant countries. Only one more day.