Lily’s House

Date: 6/25/2019

By cloud7

I walked to Lily’s house which was on that street off of Ayrault across from the school bus garage. It was straight back on the bend. I walked up her driveway and her cats were all there so I pet Gus for a while. The lights inside turned on and lily came to her window surprised to see me. I saw Anthony laying down in the background. I climbed in through her window and saw her and her friend trying on prom dresses. I looked over at her bed (which was on the wall to the right of the window) and saw Mac and Megan laying on her bed too. I said “hey” to them and it was kind of awkward. This younger kid came in all excited and he asked what my name was. After a second of thought I replied “Conner”. I glanced over at Mac and Megan who looked at each other for a second. Nobody said anything about it, just went with it.