A Blind World

Date: 7/13/2017

By nohaboa97

I'm in a rather large convention center. This center has everything in it's labyrinthine halls from food to clothing to toys. It's clear to me that most people simply live here as it has what we need. At some point, a woman about my age (and rather attractive; she was a light tan with deep blue eyes) was assigned to me through a program where people who were used to the center showed around newbies. These newbies were called exchange students, although they didn't usually have different nationalities. My woman, however, had a slight Russian or Polish accent. She also didn't know every word in English. As I was just getting to the main event (apparently a group of these exchange students had come through and we were meant to take them to one of the larger rooms so they could have an assemly), she told me she didn't want to go in and that she'd rather go sit somewhere. As I was walking her out, she mentioned that she didn't feel good. I suggested a nurses office rather than sitting and she agreed (I don't think she knew the word for nurse). I asked a teacher that I knew from high school called K where the nurses office was. She told me she was the wrong person to ask, so I went off in search of it. We ended up finding a bathroom which she told me is what she needed. I waited outside but when she didn't come out I went in (the bathrooms were not gender specific). She wasn't in there. I woke up for a period of time because our dog was barking. Eventually I fell back to sleep. I was trying to find the girl. I was flying (literally) through hallways, chasing her through stores and shops. I knew I was racing to find her before another man did because he would kill us both (although I did see him a couple times and he was more interested in killing her first; he was African and wore an odd looking blue suit with wires, tubes, and metal connectors). As I searched I noticed that everyone now wore massive VR goggles except for the other man and I (and I'm assuming the woman, that's why she was running). The goggles had a large red key hole printed on the right eye pointed out (looking out; left eye for observers looking at their face), possibly a symbol for the company. I continued to fly and look for her. I woke up.