Evil woman tried to kill me and my baby

Date: 8/2/2017

By parisleech13

So I married Edward Cullen and then all of a sudden someone was being really bad at our wedding or something so I got my bow and Erie ready to shoot it and then he threw a dagger in there back. After. Everyone was silent then me and Edward went away to my room and ya know. Did it. Then, we went Down to my kitchen and I started making something. Idk what it was and he started talking about a baby girl and I was like well what if it isn't a baby girl. What if it's a baby boy and he was like no. It's going to be a baby girl, I know it. Then Long story short. I got trapped in a portal and then I was in my kitchen and it was someone else. A ginger woman with really curly hair tried to kill me with a knife. And I kept running around my house for a way out. Eventually I got into the conservatory and climbed out a window to be greeted by Edward and another girl (she was trying to help) and I was like thank god. And he had this silver dagger but it had really nice decorative patterns on like a snake going all the way up and down the dagger. It was really thin but really strong. So Edward tried to stab her and it wouldn't work. She just came after me and tried to stab me in my stomach. Then I got inside and kept running around screaming for help but it wouldn't work. I woke myself up from shouting no really loudly and crying.