Boat trip

Date: 3/22/2017

By inestine

I was on a boat trip with a friend after I've driven some friends to a party and I was out of gas. So I tag along with her boat. She's going to a different place than me but said if she left me there I could walk to the city So we get on land and she's following me, and I'm freaked out and can sense something terrible, we walk in like this dark scethy woods, and I'm just not having it, she's like ah don't worry, I look down and see 4 dead bodies and I'm like "OMG WE NEED TO LEAVE" so we run towards the boat but they've already set it on the main land. So there's two guys coming towards us, and we're like this is when we die. They put us in bed, that guy starts touching me and all of a sudden I fall asleep really really fast, and I wake up from that in the dream and see my friend tied up. He comes towards me with a gun, and I'm not scared at this point I'm just like do it. But he doesn't kill me, he rapes me. And after that they let us sleep until the next morning. I wake up and relalise where I am and start crying, I'm not having it, I'm done. This time the guy comes back but he's slightly more charming and nice, and he's kind off like you made it through day one, that's the hardest one and gives us food, after a couple of days we get a phone, and I ofcourse tell my mom where I am, but when the cops came we were sedated, and hidden, so we didn't have anything we could do. And I got punished the day after for doing that. But after time we become friends (iknow sick) and he lets us take the boat to the city aslong as we're back to dinner or something, and at this point we're so brainwashed that we don't want to leave there, we stay a little bit in the city but come back at dawn. Then when we get back there's a new boat there with two new girls, and he straight up kills my friend, because 4 girls is to much, but keeps me because "I'm his favorite" and then he wanted to show them what we do so I take the gun towards them, and then towards my neck and kiss him, so we end up having sex infront of the girls, and I tell them " don't worry" and stuff like that it's fucking to me how I became so brainwashed. And that's the first dream. The next one is pretty sexual to but doesn't make any sense, I meet an old friend we kiss, he tells me to come back to him, and I'm like I can't and he brings me to a café (with vegan food lit) and I'm like omg idk what to do and so, and we end up having sex during the show and the first dream comes back