Jake Miller II

Date: 5/7/2017

By KingZzZ

I was late to a family party. it was at my cousin's place. when I arrive I find everyone having a good time and drinking. I find my brother and he's drinking with someone. it's Jake Miller. I walk up all starshocked. luckily I'm drinking too and I start drinking alittle heavier when I see him. my brother is kinda messing with him, like indirectly calling him a loser like he does when someone looks built and smart or whatever. so I finally walk up and interrupt to greet my brother and at the same time tell him doesn't he know who he's talking too. he's on tour right now in europe. he has two albums out! my bro just says no, cuz he really doesn't believe it. so I walk up to Jake all buzzing and get really close to his ear to tell him I know who u are and I love what u do your great at it. so he looks at me in disbelief like I'm just trying to kiss ass. so he asks me if you know me so well what country is next on my tour? he starts owly wording yooouu..USA. and I'm like you didn't give me a chance to answer. so he's like ok then where am I from? and I'm kinda stuck on this one so I'm like...errr. and he's like Minnesota as he shakes his head. and I'm like I knew that I swear I knew that...I realize now it was a false answer. he's from San Diego I'm pretty sure. so then I take off my glasses to "see" him better. for some reason I have both sets of my glasses on. when I take my glasses off it's actually to try and look sexier a d less nerdy. as I do that he sees someone else's glasses on the ground. he grabs them looks at them carefully, all dizzy and buzzed. and them drops them again and steps on them. I tell at him what are you doing and he's like they obviously don't need them if they're on the ground. at that point I'm kinda like mmm..soon were all chilling on the couch. or they are as I walk up. it's him my brother and my cousin. I squeeze in between him and my brother. slowly I get closer to him and as he slowly leans away he ends up laying on the couch wasted. so I end up laying on top/next to him. he realizes this only when he wakes up from a brief nap and kinda gets upset. my cousin's and family are still around me but I say out loud if this is a dream then I don't care what you all think. so I go in to kiss him, he tries to avoid me but can't really cuz he's wasted and laying down. either way next thing I realize we wake up next to each other. everyone is all hungover having breakfast already. so we waddle over and he sits down. I see they're having tacos de carne asada so I try to just find a tortilla to just munch on. I grab one and it ends up being filled with meat. he has already been given one but I assume he would want another like most average humans. so I place mine in his plate and say a sarcastic your welcome. at this my too and tia blatantly look at me from opposite sides of the room from the corners of their eyes. I see this but dgaf. he then looks up from his plate to tell me he doesn't want the taco. I ask him why? he says because he didn't like the first one. it was too greasy and he wasn't feeling it.and that's about it.