Trapped with a secret marriage

Date: 3/13/2019

By LucyElla

We were in a camp that looked a little bit like prior because it was on the road but we were not allowed to leave, there was different levels of people me and my group were the higher group which ment we got better clothes and privileges but we were still trapped there one day me this older lady who I got on well with and some others decided we've had enough so we tried to escape and run away but just before we got to the passing point my friend stopped and told me she was tired of running suddenly the troops came out we tried to potent we were just having a conversation but they knew we were the ones trying to escape they got their whips out and made us get in the lines because if anything goes wrong we all have to line up my friend joined her family and told me to stand on the end of the line next to this man with long black hair. We were all given ropes and we have to move them to make figure of 8s in the air one of the guards came up to me and said i was doing it wrong so put his arms around me to try and "help" me but got really close and I knew i couldn't fight back the guy next to me saw me wanting to fight back, he suddenly got on his knee and asked me to marry him I just went with it and elowed the guard in the chest making it look like an accident and said yes to the man we then got let back into our houses/apartments the man I met followed me to my house I said sorry to him because he was now stuck with having to act like we are engaged but I thanked him for helping me with the guard I had crystals all over my bed so I moved them all to my jar later my half sister came in she never visited me because she is higher ranking then me so I knew it wouldn't be good she was surspisios of the proposal but of course I couldn't tell her what had happened so I went with it luckily the guy knew to as well she quickly left after she knew we wouldn't tell her anything I apologised to the guy but we decided that we were going to have to talk about everything because now we could only tell each other the truth or I would be kicked into the prison.