Date: 2/28/2017

By Fitful

I was in a classroom setting. It was more complicated than that however. It wasn't a school but a prison, and I was a slave but didn't know it. We all were. We were programed to do whatever the woman wanted, be whatever she wanted, learn whatever she wanted. We were programmable and eager to please and afraid of her. We squabbled over our small places. I found my seat which had been mine since I got here was missing. Usually when a seat went missing someone new was coming. I moved seats and didn't like the new one. I tried to steal light bulbs from the supply cupboard. I found some which were for the out side of a house but were made to loose like purple flowers. A girl rival in my class faked a suicide but only for an hour, I told the woman about it. But only after the rival tried to tattle and point out how wobbly my butt was. It was all very petty things we did to each other.