Bloody chicken nuggets

Date: 5/17/2017

By alexwolfycat

(yesterday I was planning on getting McDonald but I didn't) So in my dream I was at a grocery store and my sister and her boyfriend and I bought McDonalds. We were at the checkout isle and as they were on the revolving belt I ate a nugget out of my ten piece box. I broke the nugget in half and it was bloody. (Keep in mind that this actually happened with whataburger nuggets) I was upset and I threw both my nuggets and my sister's boyfriend nuggets in the trash. The cashier lady was upset and was like why would u do that, u have to pay for it. And I was like um no did u see how bloody they were. And she just looked upset because she knew I was right. Later in my dream I can't remember too much details but me and à were making out and his lips were really soft. There was a lot of chemistry.