Familiar Stranger

Date: 5/7/2017

By Bonny

I dreamt that there was myself and four other people going out on a small boat into the ocean to spend the night there. We were going to watch a movie about sharks. I suddenly became very frightened of this activity - I was worried that the movie would come true and that sharks would come to eat us. The others were talking to me, trying to make me feel better. There was this man who I knew very very well. He was trying to tell me that sharks weren't going to come it was very unlikely. Then another person in the group said that Ari could be here soon, so if I left they'd have another person. I felt upset and envious. I decided (mentally) that I wanted to stay and not miss out, but felt embarrassed to say anything because of the fuss I'd made. As we were talking in the little boat in the ocean, the tide had gone out and o could see trees and sand. I felt better. Then the familiar man decided to go to the supermarket to prepare. He took me with him. We were talking about the trip. We kissed and it felt like the most natural thing in the world. He was my friend for ages, I knew him really well. He was safe. He was confident, and tallish. In reality I don't know who he is. But I felt like he was so familiar. We walked around the supermarket. I felt very happy and I felt very in love. I asked when we could have some time together, implying sex. He smiled but I don't remember what he said next. I remember feeling surprised that I felt this way towards him. He's been a friend for so long I'd just never considered him but now it felt so natural.