The Yard

Date: 5/30/2017

By ebiscuit18

The air was thick and heavy. A sense fog lay upon the open field. Leafless trees scattered the landscape. I could feel an un-wanting presence surrounding me. I looked over my shoulder at my friend. He quietly motioned is finger over his mouth staring at me in horror. "Shh" he sounded silently. We came to, what appeared to be, a slight looking crater in the ground. There was a pyre smoldering, as if it had been burning for quite a while. The smoke smelled of burnt flesh. A charred body lay in the fire. I stepped down into the pit and noticed several skeletons. It almost looked like a ritual ground. The ground was soft and sank in with each step. My friend looked at me and ran back shouting "they're coming!" I frantically looked around and back up into the pit wall. The ground was soft. I pushed myself into the side of the pit in an attempt to camouflage myself. I knelt in the mud in silence. Two figures came down to the pit. Both looked like rotting corpses and spoke in guttural tones. I silenced my breathes attempting to hear what they were saying. They whispered back and forth, knowing the site had been visited by trespassers. My eyes widened. A minute later, two rotting children stepped down to the pit. They came close to me. "Look at this mommy, this wall looks weird." I could feel adrenaline coursing through me. I immediately took off running up the pit attempting to escape. The creatures followed me into the woods. I peered behind trying to see how far ahead I was. The fog was too thick to see through...