The flood guns and condoms??

Date: 6/25/2019

By Dreamlord9000

My grandparents house was suddenly flooded, we barely escaped in a car with my grandmother, it was very weird since she doesn’t drive in real life and there were a lot of guns everywhere, in the water, abandoned by people, blocking roads or being carried by people, afterwards a we were examining some hanging conducts of water, instants later I saw my real life sister exposing on something she hadn’t prepared well, but she seemed confident enough it didn’t bother me plus all the flood and guns were gone by this time, no sign it had happened minutes ago then I was helping my older brother, I don’t even have an older brother... to get condoms in the act, being the case that we lived next to a pharmacy... also next to the school... which resembled a beer factory, and was just one giant room, also we lived in a kind of jungle very green and tall, and I remember that there were a lot of symbols near nearby mountains This was a special dream, I woke up at 3:10 aprox and I had intense stomach cramps, it was probably the pain what woke me up from such a deep dream, since I was accepting all that non sense as if it was common, (the stomach cramps were not that serious I had just eaten a lot the day prior.