Into the Unknown

Date: 6/10/2019

By TripK

Me, my friends, and my family got access to a cruise ship near the sea around Spain. The events leading up to this are fuzzy, and I believe we flew to Spain and then stole the ship somehow? Again, can’t really remember. While visiting many smaller islands, I suggest we visit Hydra, a small but friendly island with a nice, quiet town and several shops and restaurants. By the time we got there, it was very late, so we decided to camp on the outskirts of town. Once there, we found a small building - which was I think a small restaurant or pub - and a large statue of a dog about 30 feet away. Upon closer inspection of the statue, it sprang to life, viscously guarding its territory. I realized the solution to taming the dog was a puzzle, and upon solving it (I can't remember the details or solution) the dog calmed down. As I stood upon to take a breath, I scanned the distant tree line, and in the distance, I saw two white orbs staring right at me. As we become locked in a staring contest, the orbs began changing color, and now had layers of blue, yellow, and red... I realized what I was looking at, it was the Beast! Panicked, I ran as quickly as could, but before I could say a word, the now docile dog swept me with its paw and hugged me (like a stuffed animal a child would sleep with) and fell asleep. Unable to move, someone - to my dismay - suggested we camp here for the night. By morning, the giant dog had released its grip, and we all began to search the town. Later, we returned to our campsite, where we saw a small lake separating the dog’s ground, a hill that lead back to town, and whatever was behind the dog, me and another (I don’t remember who, sadly, but they might have been Gabe or Brendon, both old friends I haven’t talked to in ages) traveled upstream passed the giant dog and across the stream to fetch some water. We both looked up, and standing, tall and pitch black against the tree line, was once again the Beast, he stared at us for a moment, and broke into a run, his lanky legs allowing him to travel far and fast. We threw down whatever we were carrying, and sprinted back to the campsite. Although we didn’t look back, we heard the large and quick footsteps. Panicked, we jumped into the river and swam as fast as we could to the other side where our camp was. We were safe, for now. We quickly began telling everyone what we saw, although my sister and I were the only ones who somewhat understood it. Again, everyone dismissed the experience and we split up to explore the town. I didn't understand though, the Beast only existed in the Unknown, and had been killed several years before I was born, so how could it be here now? Halfway across the world from where the one who killed had lived. That night, I enlisted the help of a man named Max, who was dressed very similarly to Doom Guy, who was armed with heavy armor and a large hand cannon. Him and I - who was armed with a sword - entered the town and waited, and sure enough, the Beast showed up... A dark fog encircled us, and from it, he appeared. I began firing questions at him: How was he in the mortal realm? How did he survive his death? Where was his lantern? Why was he so aggressive? And then, a realization hit me, the Beast never actually attacks people but tricks weak lost souls into dying, and he really meant no real danger as long as one kept a steady mind. I triumphantly told him my realization. He laughed, and suddenly, roots of Edelwood wrapped themselves around my neck. He asked me if this was real enough for me, and flung me far away into the air, I splashed down into a river, where I sank to the bottom, my vision fading... When I awoke, I was no longer in Hydra, I was in a thick forest, completely lost. I realized I must have entered the Unkown, and quickly began to run. I had to find the one who finished the beast off last time. Lost in my thought, I misstepped and slipped down a steep hill. I hit my head on the way down, and the last thing I saw was the lights of a fairly large house in a clearing flick on...