Date: 7/14/2017

By SoftCookie

It was the zombie apocalypse, everyone had split into different groups, I found my way to the one Henry (my boyfriend) was in but no one trusted me yet so they wouldn't let me out of camp, and he was out scavenging. they took me aside with another new girl and began to put a bunch of cybernetics in her hand, it was some kind of initiation rite, But I don't like needles, and they were basically sticking little pieces of tech into her hand with needles, which would then stay in the hand. I contemplated running, but the man took my hand before I could, I was afraid but I rode it out, it was painful, it made my hand hurt. It took everything I had to stand still and not make a break for it. After i'd been "initiated" I wandered back to the entrance looking for Henry again. I found I couldn't move my hand with all the needles in it, So I gently tried to readjust the needles in my finger tips, (this took allot of guts for me) After that I was able to bend my fingers but I was still very sore. so I headed back further into the camp, (which was like a big building with a fence around it) Thats when I came upon a group of angry men who didn't think just anyone should be let into the group, they blocked my path, Being a fighter I smirked and readied myself for the skirmish. I kicked one of them Hard the second they moved, but as I went to punch a shock of pain was sent through my entire arm, (the cybernetic hand) I let out a cry and fell to the ground in stunned agony. As I lay there on the ground they laughed, "she's useless right now" they drug me to the back of the camp where i'd be safe and out of the way, I didn't see any exits, I was trapped inside the back of this building with no way out. So of Course a bunch of zombies attacked and got in, (they could run though, which is weird, they were so fast I couldn't even see them.) they killed almost everyone right away. - I hid at first, then I flew up to the ceiling to get a better view, also where they couldn't reach me. (I'm always able to fly) Then I saw Henry had made his way inside and back to me, and he was moving things away from a hidden passage in the floor, while shooting the zombies at the same time. He told me to go through the passage, so I did, it was cold and dark, and pitch black, but I started down it. He didn't follow me right away as he was covering our escape. I felt my way along in the dark with my hands, the walls were made of stone and slightly damp. The path turned a few times and eventually led to steps, I had reached the end of the tunnel. It came out in a small outcrop of white withered trees, I quickly hid behind a stump, and slowly scanned the area, thats when I saw myself and a few others run past, I was confused so I moved to get a better view, I saw myself again from somewhere else this time And Henry was with me. Then the "real" Henry came out of the tunnel and told me what I was seeing were time apparitions, ghosts from the past, it was a side effect of going through the tunnel. we watched the "ghosts" until they were out of sight. And thats when I woke up.