Date: 8/8/2017

By parisleech13

I was in school and my sister stabbed me 3 times in my stomach. She then stabbed this girl called Melissa from PLL (idk why she was in my dream) once and hurt a couple of others in the science corridor. So, we were all taken into the science classroom and I was injured the worst. So they had to help me first, but a few other science teacher were helping the other injured people. They stitched and bandaged me up and said I had to stay lying down until I've healed. So that's what I did with all the others. Then me and Melissa just talked and talked. Eventually I needed to go to the toilet so I was like "ah. Fuck it" so I got up slowly and walked outside into the science corridor and saw this weird thing, then I saw a few guys at my school just looking at me (jack and sam) and I was like "what are you staring at" and I looked down and I was in a big orange t-shirt but it was quite short on me. So I was like "ugh" so I lifted it up so they could see the wounds and then was like "can you like, piss off now because I need a wee?" And they just Burt out laughing and went away. It wasn't even funny. I was literally bursting. Then i saw my transgender friend using the male toilets and I was like "wait. They're finally letting you use the boys toilets?" And he just nodded and then walked off. So once I was done I walked slowly back into the science lab and saw people had letter from their families and stuff saying they're coming to get them. But I didn't have one. Then people started leaving one by one and I still didn't have a letter. Eventually it was me and 2 others. One being Melissa. Them 2 both got a letter and I was like "where's my letter?" To the teachers and they were like. "You don't have one" so I was heartbroken and then the teachers said "we called your mum. She said she's on a mission to kill whoever did this" and I was like "yeah. My mum is definitely going to kill her own daughter. Let alone her favourite child" The end. What's worse is I could feel the stab wounds. And still 30 minutes after I have a really bad stomach ache and it's worse in the stops I was 'stabbed'