Scary diving lessons and Goth Elsa 😳 "huddle carrots!"

Date: 7/31/2017

By madnewman13😼

So my dream started off at this lake where I was taking strange diving lessons. My old and very strange gym teacher Mrs. Stuart was teaching them. Although she had seemed to gain some weight. We were diving from this 50ft diving board! It seemed higher than that even! And at one spot where we were diving was strangely right over a reef with lion fish and jellyfish swarming all over. Mrs. Stuart demonstrated but I didn't see her after that.. 😅 and another thing about this gym teacher was that anytime she wanted us to huddle she would always say "huddle potatoes" or carrots (whatever veggie grows on the ground) and that meant we would squat in a huddle. If she wanted us to stand she would tell us something like, "huddle apples!" She was very strange. Second part of my dream was flying in this strange helicopter with no roof with a goth Elsa who had a goth Jack Frost boyfriend. I eventually got so annoyed of them that I stabbed Elsa with an icicle I had found. She got really angry at me and we both jumped off at a building into a school. I quickly ran inside, hoping she wouldn't see me inside one of the stalls. Luckily she passed. But then I heard footsteps and the stall door that I was in slowly opened.. And my dream ended.. And I woke up after that thank goodness! 😳