Shark guinea pigs

Date: 2/21/2019

By ellaga04

Okay so I don’t remember very much from this dream but anyways. It was me, my mom and my grandma and we were going for a drive. And after a while we found this place where they had guniea pigs. And I was so excided because I love animals, so we went there but the place was outside so it wasn’t a normal store (anyway). And there was this very big box were the guinea pigs lived and I ran to it as fast as I could. So when I was there you had to drag out another glassbox to see them and I did that but one of the persons who worked there told me ”You can’t open that, it’s not safe.” And I was very confused and she told me that the guinea pigs wasn’t normal guinea pigs, because they had sharkteeth. And I was even more excited to meet them. So I ran and picked one up so I had it in my hands. And it was so cute and it didn’t bite me or anything. But then my mom came running towards me and took the pig out of my hands and returned it.