Date: 6/2/2017

By miskay9

I don't remember how it started but Emily (from elementary school) and I had to go to different places and solve puzzles, like escape-room. We had to do the puzzles at 4 different places, before another group came. The other group were 3-5 men with black shades and black long jackets (like Sherlock or the bad guys from Spy Kids without the helmet). If the won and solved more puzzles than us, they would kill us. The first puzzle was is a big room. We found some clues on a few pieces of paper. Time was running out and I could hear the other group coming so I told Emily we have have to go, but not before I hid one of the papers and shoved the other one in my pocket. I didn't want the other group to solve the puzzle and we started running. Next the dream cut to my old house. I learned that my old house now belonged to Emily and her family. We started looking outside in the backyard, but found nothing so we decided to go inside and look for more clues. Emily and I made it the the porch, just at two black Jeeps came speeding into sight and into the backyard. Where they flipped a switch turning on a sigh that said 'Feliz Cumpleaños' in big light-up letters. This filled me with relief that it wasn't the other group catching up to us. Some how we got on the topic about her house and how I feel being back hear. I told her something along the lines of it makes be feel sad that I moved and it's hard looking at Instagram and Facebook, because I see everyone posting pictures together. Especially the pictures of prom with everyone in beautiful dresses, wishing I could be with them to share those memories with them. I didn't want to start crying in front of Emily so I said we should start finding clues. We went inside and started looking down the hallway. I saw a three prong thing for hanging up coats, but instead it was dog leashes in a weird way. Emily said she's never seen that before. So I started tugging on it, which opens a door to a very small room (thing of the cupboard under the stairs in Harry Potter). It was filled with small ice chests and the room was freezing. We knew this was where the clue were, so we squeezed into the small room to figure out the puzzle. There was a plastic blue food with two plastic thick needles in it. And ice frosts forming on it. I reach out to grab it and it's freezing to the touch. I start bringing it closer to by face to examine it, but..... I wake up. I never get to figure out the puzzles. :(