People acting weird and a portal???

Date: 6/30/2017

By DreamX227

I know it was after school and I was at practice. We were at the foot ball field running and I remember the guys were on the soccer field. We had stopped running and we were having a mini break. I remember going to the soccer field and I went to go talk to some of my guy friends. We(2 of them) were talking, and then they left me to go get water or something. Some guy came up to me and started to yell at me. telling me to go away, that I don't belong here, that I'm a freak. Then he started to push, to the point where I just fell to the ground. My friends came back and started telling the guy off. I remember looking at the guy and get smirked and said something that had caught my friends off guard. My friends picked me up and they held onto my arms and started running.( I was at school, and their is a area, kinda like a forest, but closed off) They started taking me to the forest area at the end of the soccer field. They took me to an opening to the fence and we went into the forest. They took me to a tree, with a hollow hole in the middle of its trunk. One of them let go of me and started saying stuff toward the tree and drawing patterns on it. The other one held on me tight, looking at me. A portal of a pulls black mist appeared in the hole. I remember the guy that had did the I assume ritual thing on the tree had said " get her in before they come" and he jumped in. My friend that held on to me hand said something to me and jumped in. I decided to jump in and then I woke up.