Club owner

Date: 3/29/2017

By annie2az

I got into a "club" while bringing my own beach ball inside (it was deflated). The girl who let me in was a tall blonde wearing a short, white and red "sexy nurse" dress and heels. The girls inside seemed to have minimal clothing on while the guys seemed to be all wearing something similar; Polo shirts, button ups or tight fitting that-shirts. I seemed to be wearing jeans with a cute floral belt and a crop top. Everyone was dancing like you'd expect you do adults to do; grinding, tweaking, making out, chest to chest etc. I went over to who seemed like the main guy straight away. He had short, neat, dark brown hair. He was wearing a white shirt and black (or really dark blue) jeans, that were nor skinny nor flared, when I walked up to him. He took a liking in me straight away as if we've known each other already. He walked up on the stage which had two brown-leather chairs on it and started talking to the crowd; if they wanted a good show or something then to count to five. He placed the microphone on the floor and walked off the stage and to the side of the room, me following his steps, as he leaned on a wall near a big window, with his phone in hand texting. He took his shirt off by that time and I was kissing up his stomach (he had slight abs but not massive show). I asked who he's texting but got no reply as he placed his phone in his jeans pocket and gave me a longer kiss on the lips before walking back up on stage.