Mass shooter

Date: 2/6/2017

By awesomepossum

Me and mom were watching the local news. They were talking about this mass shooter and how he took footage of himself. I was seamlessly transported to the handheld video of someone filming a guy ranting in a field while loading an AR 15 with a drum mag. He finished talking and killed the guy walking past him. Everyone was dressed like soldiers btw. The cameraman followed him as he kept killing people. He switched to a shotgun and the gore really started flowing. One guy tried crawling away so he jammed the gun between his ribs and blew him apart in a shower of guts and limbs. It was all so gory, i've never dreamed anything like it. I wondered, "Is the news really allowed to show this on tv?" After awhile the scene switched to him torturing people by electricuting them with jumper cables in a nasty locker room shower. One guy's face was squeezed cartoonishly down with the clamps, let go, and sprung back to normal with his face contorted in pain, begging him to stop. I'd had enough and woke up. That's what I get for playing Witcher 3 over the weekend for so long and seeing those gory finishing moves... I feel dirty ._.