pet rats being eaten by nan’s cat- 15/07/17

Date: 8/14/2017

By jp01

I was checking up on my pet rats after a fight with my nan (I live with her). my first rat was fine, pretty sleepy so I checked on the other one, as soon as I opened the cage, one of my nans cats grabbed it and ate it in two bites. I fell onto the ground screaming then I screamed at my mum and nan because they were telling me it doesn't matter. I left to think and grieve a bit. I ended at at a women's clinic that was connected to a gym, my boyfriend came with me so he went and worked out while I was at the clinic. Some time passed and I was told I was 3 months pregnant. my boyfriend and I went home and I broke the news to him and he looked scared and like he hated me a little bit.