Bird shit and pretty dresses (pretty long)

Date: 2/25/2017

By annie2az

(25/02/17 ~ Dream 1) I don't remember how the dream started out but I remember I was in it with a girl (she was my friend in the dream but I don't know her irl). We were all dressed up; one of us was wearing a sparkly red dress while the other had a black one on (pretty sure I was the one in the black). The dresses were both about just below knee length. My black one was sleeveless, held up by the material being strapped around a golden ring that was around my neck, and had a big cut going from the hem of the dress up to basically where it was hardly covering my butt (on the left side of the dress). The sparkly red one had vest-top-like sleeves and was a pretty tight straight dress. They were the kind that you'd basically wear to like a party or some celebrity stuff like the Oscars. We walked out of the big room where everyone was, because we saw 3 men in suits. I think they were our enemies or something because we didn't really like them here. The men walked outside and, with a nod of my head, we followed with a bit of space between us and them. Outside of the massive room you could see the front of the place: it was a big, cream coloured mansion with like 30, pretty long, front-stairs that went basically through the whole front of the house. My friend and I saw the men standing at the literal bottom of the stairs, on the ground, so we walked down to meet them. They were way taller than us; so tall that even though I was wearing heels (but I don't think the other girl was) I stood of the second stair away from them while my friend stood on the first and I was still the shortest there (mind you, I'm like 5'5). There were 3 men as I mentioned before, but something stood out to me from the guy in the middle. It was most likely the fact that he looked like a grown up version of this guy that went to my school that I used to have a crush on, but im not getting rid of the guess that it could've been the bird poop on his polished, left, black shoe that caused me to say "You've got bird sh*t on your shoe." while nodding my head right at it. I think I heard him say something like "You don't think I noticed?" And then I had a dream switch.