What is up with the superpowers?

Date: 4/3/2017

By TwentieToo

I was playing basketball with a bunch of guys, some were from a tv show i watched and some from my old school. I was the only one who could fly. And i used this weird magnet power thingy to grab the basketball whenever somebody passed it to me. The magnet power thingy was red. The other people also had this power, and my team was red, and the other team had blue and green. Had a second dream. Pretty normal, no superpowers. I wanted pizza and my gma told me i could order some if i answered the door and payed the pizza guy. So i did, but the guy wouldn't give me my pizza and i asked him if i could have it. He said he would only give it to me if i gave him my number in return. i wrote it down along with my address, which i have no idea why, but whatever.