About a boy

Date: 4/15/2019

By Yeraz

I’ve had several dreams, seemingly about the guy I’m dating, M. Here is the order I dreamt them in: I was wearing a brewer shirt and was at his place. For some reason I was annoyed like thinking he was too serious and didn’t have much of a sense of humor. Supposedly I brought cards against humanity and he didn’t want to play or something. Finally he agreed to play. He ended up laughing a lot and we had a lot of fun. Idk if this was M or not, but I was like cuddling with this green pay packer player who was older. I was like kind of unsure about him. I was like confused why I was with this older guy. Appearing older might represent his maturity, but maybe my dream self got confused. He kept saying girl you have an amazing voice, you keep singing girl. He was kind of a country guy which M kind of is in real life. Other Green Bay packer players were walking by and saying hi to me, and also a brewers player. In real life, M loves my musical skills and voice. My cat was also in the dream and wanted to scratch him lol! Two nights ago (Friday night) I dreamt my mom was talking about M and saying you know, he really likes you. She was smiling. I was really flattered. I asked my mom if his family is Republican lol and she said no, they used to be but they’re not anymore. M was pacing in the background, like awaiting my response as to whether or not I wanted to be with him. I seemed to like him too and was looking at him in a loving way.